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Information Technology


Today, many mechanization models exist for information technology to solve specific operational issues in specific segments of businesses. For example, the developments of Operations Support Systems (OSS) have provided great leaps in productivity. However, the current business environment is going through a dramatic and wide-ranging transition from a) the relative isolation of internally focused delivery of products and services to b) a new world where integration with strategic partners is a matter of survival. Consequently, there is a new demand for systems that can integrate dynamic business operations across functional areas and beyond corporate boundaries. This new model creates significant business and technology challenges. In order to eliminate process obstacles, these operations require a new level of support systems that can go beyond the traditional focus of OSS. This derived demand calls for a new breed of Operations Enhancement Systems (OES) to manage complex business processes, achieve regulatory compliance, and to sustain the strategic alliances that are necessary to be successful. These new tools must provide timely answers to a broad-spectrum of questions on the current state of business operations with concise and accurate support in order to protect an enterprise’s underlying business rules and assets.

AcuMaestro’s Business Assurance Solution Environment (BASE) Information Technology (IT) Manager monitors technology’s independent end-to-end business operations metrics by mediating business intelligence from all relevant sources, including business processes and deployed services. The BASE system has a powerful rules engine that offers an open formula definition interface that allows complex rule definition, and calculations for the correlation and aggregation of business intelligence. The BASE calculation engine acquires information from other management systems and/or operational environments allowing the BASE system to perform valuable information collaboration both vertically and horizontally. These specific real-time measurable components are refined into Business Behavior Indicators (BBI) to provide an accurate picture of the current state of the business in sufficient detail to drill down to individual customer service. The collection of BBI’s is then compared in real time against service objectives in order to verify internal (service and operational quality), external (with third party vendors), or customer service level commitments and compliance with Business Performance Objectives. BASE offers the following four values:

1. Improved Customer and User Intimacy: The primary goal of today’s service companies, regardless of the market they serve or the technology they use, is to please their customers. BASE can ensure the quality, reliability, and integrity of services bought to increase the customer’s perception of value. BASE provides a strong marketing tool, and contributes to better customer relationships.

2. Business Intelligence: BI is the accurate accounting and monitoring of customer service, and channel performance and profitability. The increase in use of QoS indicators has driven the need for flexible applications that can reformat and reroute information with a business emphasis so that companies can easily focus their efforts on the appropriate service resources. In order to conduct business effectively in the future, companies must increasingly exchange business information with strategic partners in the value chain on a global basis. This vast communication requires that all industry participants be able to reciprocate intelligence that is fair and understandable among the trusted community members.

3. Product Leadership: Increased speed and efficiency in managing existing solutions, plus incorporating and marketing new services are keys to providing product leadership. Efficient and high quality processing requires the movement of business data across diverse technology, corporate and industry domains. An The increase in use of data has driven the need for a flexible infrastructure that can reformat and redistribute various data and data structures so that they can be applied to the appropriate business offerings.

4. Improved Business Efficiency: BASE can automatically manage Business Objectives from all aspects of the companies’ operations, in real time and historically, across the technology domain and the organizational grid. The result establishes a new level of information management and analysis that allows operations that are more efficient and enables significant improvement in service and overall customer experience. The BASE Web Service Interface provides an open means for easy integration with a company’s existing solutions allowing flexible extension, and optimization of their assets and intelligence to succeed in an increasingly real time world.  


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