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About Us

The stage is set for one of the most important dramas of the information age. Technological evolution has brought unprecedented capabilities for high-speed data acquisition and transport. Advances in data sensing, data analysis, artificial intelligence, computing, storage, and networking technologies have increased the speed of information processing and reduced the cost of computing resources. The net result is brisk competition that is driving operating margins into a narrowing window of profitability. The impact on general business operations is dramatic, rattling large corporations to their most basic foundations. Advanced corporations are proactively enhancing their service management capabilities by using quality principles and techniques, such as Six Sigma, in their business process management domain to be able to compete and survive.

In most Information related industries, a vast inventory of enterprise operation solutions, in a mix of older legacy and newer business systems, have become deeply embedded in the operations of every modern corporation. Value chains involving different strategic partners at different levels of service domains have increased the complexity of the already heterogeneous computing and network environment. These forces demand corporations to be constantly vigilant to maintain current intelligence on external issues such as technology changes, tactical and strategic activities of their competitors, and the quality of their own operations.

AcuMaestro is a new company with a solid foundation of business acumen and creative technology leadership. With core competencies in business operations, AI, cloud computing, cyber security, software engineering, development and integration, and network management, AcuMaestro is well equipped to face the challenges of building solutions for today’s Business Assurance needs. Acumaestro, Incorporated offers Business Assurance Systems Environment (BASE) as the essential Business Assurance platform, offering the information power resources that are needed to acquire key operations data from your total operations architecture. BASE manages the data and provides appropriate aggregation and normalization that is required to provide the timely keys you need to manage your business.

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