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Business Areas

Our expertise and solutions are to assist the enterprises in obtaining current business intelligence regarding the key factors that are important to a specific product or business case

Aviation Industry

Covid-19 has shifted the landscape of the airline industry. The skies are nearly empty these days, presenting a challenge for the world’s airlines to safeguard thousands of grounded planes. At the peak, more than 16,000 passenger jets are grounded worldwide. While grounded, these aircrafts remain in need of plenty of work and attention, from maintenance of hydraulics and flight-control systems to protection against environmental conditions, e.g., nature insects and wildlife problem. READ MORE

Information Technology Industry

The expansion of corporate IT systems beyond the boundaries of the traditional enterprise and the dynamic nature of the competitive landscape are creating major business and technology challenges. New levels of competition and rapid technological evolution drive prices and operating margins downward, putting great pressure on IT service organizations to meet their bottom line commitments. READ MORE

Telecom Industry

Every day brings new business challenges to Mobile Service Providers (MSP). Profitability and operating margins are constantly jeopardized by a variety of factors. One of the most serious threats to profitability is fierce competition coming from many aggressive players. Competition drives down prices and market share, significantly reducing profit margins. Mobile service companies also need the ability to be more responsive to their customers’ and employees’ needs. READ MORE

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