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About Creativita Institute

Based in Orange, CA, the Creativita Institute (CI) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to providing an environment and scholarships to inspire young people's interest and participation in science, engineering, and technology, while developing knowledge, skills, and entrepreneurship in the related domains.

By motivating talented students with competitions, Creativita Institute aims to enrich a culture of innovation, research, and hand-on-experiences with resources from the supporting enterprises and organizations to nurture tomorrow's scientists and engineers.

In partnership with our sponsors, Creativita Institute will be assisting in the selected competitions related to Engineering, Science, and Technology and with awards for subject contest winners. Our pilot competition, scheduled for the spring of 2016/2017, will start with the encouragement of regional students to undertake team competitions in computer gaming design and implementation. From this beginning, we hope to incubate a broader and long-term tradition in student communities with the potential of fostering system thinking and hands-on experience, and to increase participants' appreciation of the value of scientific practices as well as the engineering applications for their future career roadmaps.

Mission Statement

To collaborate with public/private enterprises, schools, colleges/universities , and organizations to establish an environment where (potential) next generation scientist and technologists can grow and pursue their dreams.

To provide guidance and assistance for young scientist and technologists to develop necessary visions and experiences to lead and implement their dreams.

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